Who is Safe Ship

Our Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is the newest and most successful Pack & Ship Store Franchise Business Opportunity available. WHY? Because we are different. The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is designed to help you, our franchisees, make money.  Not the franchise company.

Safe Ship® Franchise stores do not pay royalties.  There are no royalties.  The franchisee keeps his money.

The Safe Ship® Franchise is a Mom ‘n Pop Franchise. We specialize in the proper training and mentoring of our franchisees – our kids. Just like Mom ‘n Pop did. We are also forward thinking. Taking our over 30 years of  experience to know where the industry is headed. We are continually working to meet our customers ever changing needs. Our Safe Ship® model store located in Ormond Beach, Florida received the Award in 2005 for being the Largest Packing & Shipping Store in the United States. In 2006, the award was given to our Safe Ship®  Store again. This award has not been given since.

In an economy that is growing slowly, Safe Ship® Franchise Stores are still profitabe. People are shipping more rather than taking trips to visit family members or business clients.

As a Certified USPS Retail Center, we function as your local Post Office. We provide all Post Office® services. We sell stamps at the same price as the Post Office. Our competitors, like the UPS stores, sell a 49¢ stamp for 60¢.  If they are ripping you off for a 49¢ stamp, how much more are they ripping you off on everything else they do?

This makes your Safe Ship® Store the natural replacement for the failing Post Office retail business. When you add to that, FedEx, DHL, Greyhound GPX, Estafeta deferred shipping to Mexico, Polenez deferred shiping to Europe, UMAC  Consolidated shipping to the Philippines, various local and regional carriers, Domestic and International Freight shipping, water LCL or container shipping, and import/export capabilities, you find that you can ship anything, anywhere. Plus your Safe Ship® Franchise Store does all the most common Business Services. Everything from making Color Copies to Faxing to Notary Service to Renting Mailboxes to Electronic Fingerprints and so much more.

Your Safe Ship® Store will also be a local Post Office with all the services you would find at any United States Post Office. You will be a center point for road warriors and other traveling business people. A very profitable related service is freight shipping for large items, and high value articles.

The first Safe Ship® store opened over 30 years ago in Ormond Beach, Florida. Since then we have grown in experience and wisdom in running a very successful pack & ship business. We use our 30+ years of experience and the success as our 5 Safe Ship® model stores in our training for our franchisees. Our success has been impressive. Some stores become profitable within months of opening. This inexpensive, easy to run, and high potential income franchise concept is what the Safe Ship®  Franchise Concept is all about. Less money going out of your pocket means more money stays with you.

We have grown from 1 very successful corporate store to a nation-wide chain of almost 50 successful franchise stores. Our success has brought about a great deal of interest from entrepreneurs wanting to start their own successful packing and shipping store.

We look forward to working with you!